Neeltje Jans


Natural entrance points, information columns, weighing office, view points and bird view cabins form a gem of information facilities around the Eastern Scheldt. At Neeltje Jans in the Tophuis you will find one of these information points. 


Extensive dunes, slufters,  old inland harbours and of course the North Sea beach, and several beautiful hiking trails for you to discover. They are indicated on the display near the entrance of the information point.


In summer, Eastern Scheldt guides regularly drag a small net through the water and check what they catch. Come and drag your nets with them and discover what's going on just below the waterline. The activity map underneath the kinderen (children's) icon shows when they take place.


A paved footpath runs from the information point through the dunes towards the Eastern Scheldt. It is suitable for pushchairs and people with mobility problems.


A public toilet building can be found in the parking lot of Proef Zeeland  (Faelweg 1 in Vrouwenpolder, closed Sunday).