Tidal pools

The tidal pools at the experience beach are certainly worth a visit. They are located next to Proef Zeeland near the windmills. The tidal pools are four very large ponds that are all flooded at different times. This is because the dikes around it are not all of the same height.


The pools have risers. You can check out the water really well on your belly. There is more to see than you think. The other two pools have a beach. Between the stones there are also small pools in between which crabs feel very much at home: there’s plenty to discover!


You can take a rest for a while at one of the four picnic tables. The table top has all kinds of fun facts and activities concerning the pools and windmills. The blades of an old windmill are a very special place to sit; they’re bigger than you think.


BEWARE! The wind mills are still under construction. The tidal pools are therefore not accessible until the spring of 2018.