Primary education

There is a continuous learning trajectory for primary education around the theme of the Eastern Scheldt National Park. There are different teaching boxes and activities for each class, mainly aimed at experiencing and going outside. 


There are teaching boxes with information and research materials aimed at the biotopes: silts and salt marshes, artificial rocky coasts, inlayers and beaches. Cruises are also possible. During theses cruises, all kinds of assignments are carried out and you’ll be observing seals. Welcome Porpoise! is a project in which children, as spokespersons, investigate the needs of porpoises to stay alive in the Eastern Scheldt.

The ‘Experience Backpack’ is also offered, enabling children to carry out assignments in the context of experience and use of senses, play and physical activity, research and cohesion and creative assignments anywhere in the Eastern Scheldt. The role of a dice determines which assignment comes first.  For an overview of all teaching materials click here. Information is in Dutch.


To make use of the materials and courses, teachers and nature tutors, please visit the nature and environment education centres: MEC de Bevelanden in Goes, NME-centre Schouwen-Duivenland in Renesse and Terra Maris in Oostkapelle.