The Dutch delta region

Our densely populated delta region is located right at an important junction on the East Atlantic migratory route. Tens of millions of birds pass through here every year. There are over 300 different species. This strategic location of the Netherlands makes us a very bird-rich country. But that also means a great responsibility to provide safe shelter for all these birds.


Species come here to breed, hibernate or rest and refuel during their often long, tiring and dangerous journeys from north to south. And back again. If they could not find a safe, food-rich resting place in many places in our country, most birds would not survive the journey! Without safe resting places, refuelling places and sufficient fuel, the journey would be impossible.


This of course also applies to crucial locations in other countries. There must be a sufficient number of safe and nutrient-rich 'filling stations' along the entire migration route. The whole route is only as strong as its weakest link! International cooperation is essential in this respect.