The Eastern Scheldt is an attractive recreational area because of the dynamic landscape of low tide and high tide, the underwater flora and fauna, the nature reserves within the dikes, the clean bathing water, the possibilities for cruising, tranquillity and space.


It is an important diving area thanks to the interesting underwater flora and fauna. Throughout the year around 850,000 divers explore the underwater world. Sports anglers practise their sport both from the shore and from fishing boats.


You can cycle at star-level in Zeeland. Here you can cycle on the border of land and water, with views of the sea, dikes and sea walls. You see the seagoing vessels passing by while observing the Zeeland hinterland on the other side. This is one of the reasons why Zeeland has been appointed as a 5-star bicycle province. That is the highest possible level for a cycling province.


The Zeeland cuisine is genuine and straight from the sea. Much of it comes directly from the Eastern Scheldt. You can get mussels almost all year round. The Eastern Scheldt lobster is at its best between the beginning of April and mid-July.


Tourists explore restaurants, hotels, cruising boats, sailboats, campsites, diving centres, fish shops, etc. and make an important contribution to the economy of Zeeland.