Weeds and algae



Weeds are the plants of the sea. They do not consist of a root, stem and leaf, but of branched foliage, or the thallus, which sometimes resembles a stem and leaf. They are soft, but because of the upward pressure of the water they stand upright and do not need any woody parts.


Weeds need a hard base to attach themselves to their so-called foot. You can find them on the slope of the sea dike and washed up on the beach. The weeds occur in different depths on the slopes. The green seaweed sits at the top, followed by the brown weed and the red weed.




Algae are also family of the weeds. Due to the good water quality there are many algae in the Eastern Scheldt. This is important, because many small animals eat these algae. These small animals are then eaten by slightly larger animals, etc. This means that algae are at the bottom of the food chain of the Eastern Scheldt.