Wonderful underwater world

Is there really something to see under water? Certainly. Divers who have dived in the Caribbean Sea or the Indian Ocean are surprised by the diversity of life in the Eastern Scheldt. Under water in particular, there is an enormous diversity of life to discover.


On and in the sandy bottom we find brittle stars, flatfish, sepia, sea anemones shrimp, shellfish and all kinds of worms. Crabs and lobsters live between the stones of dams and dikes. Colourful frilled anemones, mussels, sea squirts and weeds are attached to the hard subsoil of dikes and stones. Also, mooring poles, bottoms of boats and even mooring lines that hang in the water get overgrown!


Armed with diving goggles and snorkel you can already take a dip in this underwater world, watch out for the current! Would you rather be accompanied? That is possible! In the summer you can go on a snorkelexpedition.