Dike keeper's house

On the Keihoogteweg (Wissenkerke, Noord-Beveland), between mini camping Zeelucht and the Keihoogte inland, there is an old dike keeper's house outside the dyke. For years this house was the base of many men who kept an eye on the dike in all kinds of weather. Even now it occasionally still has this function.


When the flag is out, the house is open and a National Park guide is available. Together you go on a journey of discovery around the house, the breakwater and the beach. A tidal basin has recently been installed on the beach. At low tide you can still experience underwater. You will be surprised what you come across. There is also plenty to see and do inside.

Look on the Ontdekkaart map under the heading Dijkhuisje when it is open.

Park at the bottom of the dike in the corner at Keihoogte inlay. Up the stairs and then you see the house.