Seal safari

There’s nothing more fun than spotting seals. The best time to do this in Eastern Scheldt is at low tide when they’re sunbathing and resting on sandbanks, close to a gully. Favourite places for them to rest are on the Roggenplaat and at the top of the Vondelingsplaat.


Various small to large round trip boats sail all year round to the seals. The seals are clearly visible from the boat without being disturbed. They are listed on the map with all activities underneath the icon varen (boats).


Private seal safari

Also from a private boat, it is a wonderful sight to see the seals on the plate. Keep a distance from the boat to the seals of 60 metres, closer they become restless. Look how they respond, by circumstances, it may be that they are more sensitive. Please take a bit more distance.

Never sail straith at them but along, so they do not see you as a threat. Make it quiet on board. In this way, you can enjoy them and with many others.


Grey ones and common ones

There are two different kinds of seals in the Eastern Scheldt. You can clearly see the difference when you look at their heads. The common one is somewhat smaller and has a flat snoot. They have a kinder appearance. The grey one has a head that looks more like a dog with a longer nose. They are also a lot more robust and larger. There are between 125 - 150 seals in the Eastern Scheldt throughout the year.


Although seals look sweet they are not. They are formidable hunters and have very sharp teeth.