To experience

 With the following three Discover cards (only in Dutch):

Discover the Eastern Scheldt


This map shows all kinds of facilities that will help you discover and experience the National Park in all its facets:

 - viewpoints - dams & bridges

- hiking trails – diving

- hosts - information

- bird observation points - packages

- beaches - play facilities

- nature boat trips - museums

- porpoises - natural entrance points

- seals

Overview activities


Almost all nature-oriented activities that can be undertaken throughout the year with entrepreneurs, volunteer organisations, terrain managers etc. can be found here. A whole range of excursions, events, guided tours, workshops, discovery and experience tours can be found by date and location. 

If you are interested in a fun activity you will be referred to a specific website.

Porpoise spotter

In the Eastern Scheldt you can regularly spot porpoises, from the shore and during a boat trip. The porpoise spotter shows a map with all spotted porpoises in the Eastern Scheldt area. By clicking on the marker you can see where and at what time this porpoise has been spotted.

Have you discovered a porpoise yourself? Then report this via this map.